SUNDAY FEBRUARY 7: OPEN 9am-9:00pm. Lift tickets-$43, Ski or Snowboard Rental-$26. After 5pm: Lift tickets-$31, Ski Rental-$24, Snowboard Rental-$26.

Open Terrain Park Features

  1. Beginner

  2. (low) wide square rail
  3. 15 ft. jump
  4. box rail
  5. flat box
  6. flat down box
  7. low square rail
  8. pole jam rail
  9. rainbow box
  10. small square rail
  11. square pole jam

  1. Intermediate

  2. 12 in. flat tube
  3. 15 ft. jump
  4. 20 ft. jump
  5. 30 ft. jump
  6. 35 ft. jump
  7. 3inch pipe rail
  8. 45 ft tube rail
  9. bike rack rail
  10. box rail
  11. double barrel waterfall
  12. dubs rail
  13. elbow rail
  14. flat box
  15. flat down box
  16. flat down elbow rail
  17. flat down rail
  18. long pill tank
  19. mini water fall
  20. pipe rail
  21. pole jam rail
  22. rainbow box
  23. shotgun rail
  24. square down flat down
  25. waterfall rail
  26. z-rail

  1. Advanced

  2. 30 ft. jump
  3. 35 ft. jump
  4. 45 ft tube rail
  5. flat down elbow rail
  6. flat down rail
  7. loading dock
  8. rail plaza
  9. square down flat down
  10. waterfall rail
  11. z-rail

Ask Troy/Post a comment

    • "This terrain park was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. It changed my life for the better and I will never forget the jumps and fun. :)"- Gaybe 02/16/15
    • "GREAT terrain park this year! Been so sick! Thanks alot!!"- Chris 02/17/14
    • "Loved the round purple jib feature! The line-up to the first kicker doesn't leave much space or angle to set up. Second one is smooth."- Sean 02/13/14
    • "Dude you gotta fix that first jump it was sweet when it was a ten footer but now it's like really sketchy. Can you please fix it up?"- Trevor 02/05/14
    • "Please keep the first big new jump"- Mason 01/27/14
    • "YO! The little jump after the double box is sick! Please keep it!?"- Sheldon W 01/10/12
      We will everyone loves it"
    • "terrain park was awsome last saturday. u think it waill be the same or better this saturday??"- Dustin 01/10/12
      Its going to get nothing but better the colder it gets"
    • "You should have a mini terrain park with easy jumps and boxes for beginners. "- Lee 01/10/12
      We will this weekend"
    • "Looking to be coming down saturday 1-14-12 what will you guys all have open( Jump, Boxes, etc)?"- Clay Pennington 01/10/12
      All of that and more,dont let us have all the fun come on down"
    • "The quarter pipe is sweet!"- nate 01/10/12
      Thanks any other ideas"